Smart Heel high heel protectors is an invention born out of necessity and the passion that Co-Founder and President, Stacie Urbach, has for beautiful shoes. Living in New York City, Stacie has torn and scraped the backs of hundreds of high heels in the cracks of sidewalks. Although she is fortunate to have access to some of the best shoe repair shops in the country, she was never fully satisfied with the appearance of her heels after being repaired (moreover, she was not happy about incurring the additional expense). Even the finest of repairs left an unsightly seam or mismatched coloring in situations when the entire covering of the heel had to be replaced.

After splurging on a very expensive pair of high-heeled shoes and destroying them in the crack of a sidewalk only moments after stepping outside, Stacie searched exhaustively for a product that would prevent such a mishap from ever occurring again. When she failed to find anything remotely similar to what she was envisioning, she remembered the advice her parents had instilled in her, “If you want something but you can’t find it, make it,” and she set out to do just that.

Prior to creating Smart Heel, Stacie had a career in the financial services industry, but left it to find a profession more suitable to her personality. Stacie approached a former boss with her plan and he enthusiastically provided her with capital to bring her idea for Smart Heel to fruition. Together, they formed Bach Enterprises, LLC in May 2005. A year and a half later, the first Smart Heel model, Tango, was in production.

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