Use this easy guide to ensure that your Smart Heels will properly fit your shoes.

1. Make sure Smart Heel will fit your shoes by using the Smart Heel Guide.

WARNING: If your heels do not fit within the Smart Heel Guide, do not use this Smart Heel model. We do not recommend using this model on patent leather heels.

2. Insert the heel of your shoe into the Opening of the Smart Heel.



3. Rest the bottom of the heel against the upper portion of the Clamps. Do not insert heel into clamps yet.

4. Push the Bottom of Smart Heel IN and then UP the heel of the shoe until the heel is flush with the Bottom Tab of Smart Heel, making sure the heel is fully surrounded by the clamps.

NOTE: If the top of the Leaf hits the shoe before the bottom of the shoe's heel is flush with the Bottom Tab of Smart Heel, trim the Leaf with scissors along the grooved Leaf Lines, one line at a time.

5. Don't cut the Leaf too short. The upper portion of the Leaf MUST TOUCH the underside of the shoe.

6. Don't bend the Leaf to fit the shoe. The Leaf should rest gently against the underside of the shoe.